Roxio Easy Media 8  
Roxio Easy Media 8
Roxio Easy Media 8
NEW Easy Media Creator 8 Suite enables you to do more with your digital media because it's faster, more flexible and more compatible than ever before! With fully integrated technology from over twenty premium products, Easy Media Creator 8 Suite enables you to edit, back up, burn and copy all of your video, photos, music, and dataseamlessly. So, whether you are sharing your favorite memories with friends and family, or archiving and preserving your valuable data for future use, NEW Easy Media Creator 8 Suite is still (and always) the best choice for easy access to powerful burning software.
Roxio Easy Media 8
Roxio Easy Media 8
Roxio Easy Media 8
Roxio Easy Media 8
Music any way you want it
Create your own mixes, manage your music landscape, personalize your playlist, and share it with anyone you want. You choose how, what and where you want your music, and Easy Media Creator 8 Suite gets you there.
Capture, rip and manage
Customize and create personalized mixes
Preserve old favorites
Show off your perfect mixes
NEW- DVD Music Disc
Personalize, preserve, and share your precious memories
Easy Media Creator 8 Suite helps you preserve and share your most precious experiences. It's easy to organize and keep track of thousands of digital photos. Import, edit and share it's easy enough for anyone. Make every project unique and your memories unforgettable.
Import images from anywhere, organize them any way
Make every picture perfect
Add your own personal touch
Share, show off and enjoy
Easily turn your raw video into Hollywood-style DVDs
Finally, novices and experts alike can easily turn home movies into professional looking DVDs, complete with navigation menus, and buttons -- just like a real Hollywood DVD! Easy Media Creator 8 Suite takes the hassle out of video with drag and drop ease.
One-click video capture
Edit a little, edit a lot or edit automatically your choice
Make professional looking style DVDs in no time
Play Hollywood DVDs
Back up with confidence, secure it with ease.
Now truly keep your data safe, because Easy Media Creator 8 Suite includes the award-winning Backup My PC. Its the easiest way to completely backup your digital media and other critical files. Designed for non-experts, in the event of a computer failure, it will recover your valuable data, email and even your operating system!
Automatic or manual backup. Your choice.
Complete disaster recovery, for complete peace of mind
Choose from a variety of backup destinations
Burn. Copy. Label. Now easier than ever!
Burn it, copy it and personalize it with Roxio's reliable burning technology. Burning data, audio, photo, video CDs and DVDs has never been easier.
Burn with confidence
Copy with ease
Label and add that personal touch